Miss UNIVERSE Warns The WORLD: Donald TRUMP Is Not Who You Think He Is … This Is Big!

Former Miss USA Tara Conner says that our president Donald Trump saved her life back in 2006!

She made headlines after her pageant win in 2006 when reports of underage drinking and drug abuse surfaced.

Trump, who owned the Miss USA competition at the time, allowed her to keep her crown on the condition that she enter drug rehab.

“I became famous as ‘Mess USA’ when my boss — now the president of the United States — tossed me into rehab after I tested positive for cocaine,” Conner wrote for USA Today.

“Rather than strip me of my crown or add to the negative press with a humiliation campaign, Donald Trump surprised me, and shocked the world, when he held a news conference and declared: ‘Tara is going to be given a second chance.’”

“It was 10 years ago that I got out of treatment, and I thank him for my 10 years of recovery,” she said. “I will always be profoundly grateful.”

“He saved my life and, essentially, made me great again.”

Conner said that Trump knows first-hand the damage addiction can do to families, touching on Trump’s brother Freddy, who lost his battle with alcoholism and died in 1981.

Conner managed to create quite the controversy when her partying ways made headlines back in 2006, with rumors swirling that she was seen making out with Miss Teen USA Katie Blair and had been bringing men back to the apartment she shared with Blair and Miss Universe Zuleika Rivera in one of the Trump Organization properties in New York City.

‘I was 20 in 2006 when I was crowned Miss USA. Few people knew my name and my “Miss USA story,”‘ writes Conner.

‘Later that year, millions knew my name because of my real story, the story I didn’t want to be shared. I became famous as “Mess USA” when my boss — now the president of the United States — tossed me into rehab after I tested positive for cocaine

Conner wrote her piece in response to the renewed war on drugs President Trump said he would wage while speaking to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday.

‘The president vowed in his speech to Congress that “we will stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth – and we will expand treatment for those who have become so badly addicted,”‘ writes Conner.

‘I am confident he will keep his promises. As is the case with one in every three American households, substance use disorders impacted his own family, and he now has the power to help millions.’

In the years since she received treatment for her issues with drugs and alcohol Conner has become an advocate for recovery, and travels the country giving speeches and talking to those who are struggling with addiction.

Conner even gave a TED Talk earlier this year at the University of Nevada about addiction and recovery.

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