MSNBC Accidentally Airs Results Of Florida Governor’s Race In Test ‘Misfire.’ Guess Who’s ‘Winning’?

The fake news actually is the enemy of the people. Let me explain. Fake news calls the President a Nazi, the next Hitler, and his supporters must also be Nazis. Fake reports of Trump throwing children in cages. Fake reports of Trump wanting to wipe out trannies. We all grew up being told how evil Nazis were. We all grew up thinking Nazis should be killed. By calling Trump and his supporters Nazis, they are putting the idea in people’s heads it’s ok to attack them physically. So YES fake news needs the enemy of the people.

MSNBC accidentally aired the results of Florida’s gubernatorial a race, as Deadline put it, “a wee bit too early” — the night before the election.

The big winner: You guessed it, the Democrat on the ticket, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who managed to secure a victory. With 99% of the vote tallied, MSNBC imagined that Gillum had secured 49.4% of the vote over Republican Ron DeSantis’s 48.8%.

Once again, President Trump is correct. Fake news is indeed the enemy of the American people.

Hey MSNBC, take your propaganda and shove it where the sun does not shine.

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