Nancy Pelosi Caught Lying Again, This Time About The 2020 Election

Too many illegals end up voting in our election which would be the reason for the Dems pushing for the end of the Electoral and wants to invoke the Popular vote.

The 12 states which have already agreed to the compact are — Vermont, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Colorado, and California— they have passed legislation in their respective statehouses agreeing to favor the popular vote in presidential elections.

Voter fraud is nothing new when we speak about the Democrats.

But new is the fact that they are the ones who complain about voter fraud.

Nancy Pelosi was caught lying again and this time it’s about 2020 elections.

This was too much for PolitiFact to take even if they are usually protecting the Dems.

The fact-checking website gave Pelosi it’s “Pants On Fire” rating after she retweeted a Wisconsin Democrat who said more than 200,000 Wisconsin voters were being removed from the voter rolls.

A Wisconsin appeals court decided that more than 200,000 voters could be removed from the rolls because they have moved.

Election officials said the people moved because they had registered vehicles at new locations or changed their addresses at the post office, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

The Democrats, including Speaker Pelosi, seized on the decision to claim that Republicans wanted to suppress the vote.

The Elections Commission said that around 60,000 letters were returned as undeliverable, 16,500 changed their voting address and only 2,300 confirmed their address.

The state sent letters to the, around 234,000 people in October requesting that they either confirm or change their addresses

“It’s beyond alarming that more than 200,000 registered Wisconsin voters will be prohibited from voting,” Speaker Pelosi said.

“Less than a year from the election, we must ensure @WisDems have the resources to respond with a massive voter registration effort,” she said. “Don’t agonize. Organize!”

The Wisconsin judge sided with The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty who brought the suit, saying that the state has to take action 30 days after sending a voter notification.

“Weighing in on the Wisconsin voter rolls controversy, Pelosi says these 200,000-plus people ‘will be prohibited from voting.’

“That’s a major overstatement of how this actually works,” PolitiFact said.

“Yes, the pruning process — if allowed by the courts — could potentially remove more than 200,000 people from the voting rolls before the upcoming elections. But there is no punitive element that would ban future voting. Everyone can re-register, even on Election Day.

“The use of the word “prohibited,” in particular, goes too far, in that it suggests there is no way to vote in the future.

“We rate Pelosi’s claim Pants on Fire,” it said.

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