NBC Deletes Scene of Putin Joking That Megyn Kelly Should Be Arrested for Contacting Him (Video)

NBC cut out a scene where Vladimir Putin hits back at Megyn Kelly where she asks about his interaction with former National Security Adviser General Flynn. even suggesting that she should be arrested because of the amount of interaction she has had with him.

Putin gave it to her and jokingly said Kelly should be arrested because of the amount of interaction she has had with him.

Kelly brought up Russian Ambassador Kislyak and wanted to know what was discussed in his meetings with the U.S., but Putin wasn’t having any of her NBC concocted nonsense and mocked her saying:

“What do you think from all over the world or from the U.S. the ambassador reports to me every day with whom he meets and what he discusses? This is a nonsense of some sort. Do you understand what you are asking or not?”

Kelly responded, “Well you’re his boss!”

Putin continued to lay into Kelly, claiming she “made a sensation out of nothing” and “turned it into an instrument to fight the incumbent President.”

Kelly then asks, “What is your relationship with Mr. Flynn?”

Putin then became annoyed and responded with:

“With you, with you personally, I have a much closer relationship than with Mr. Flynn. We met yesterday evening. Today we worked all day together, we are meeting again right now.”

Putin explained that he had very little contact with Flynn compared to Megyn Kelly and that by her own standards, she should be “arrested and put in jail.”

Below is some footage NBC deleted:

In contrast, below is the “full exclusive interview” by NBC:

H/T Gateway Pundit

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