New Civil War! Twitter CEO Comes Under-fire After He Shared Article Calling For Dem Victory In Second ‘Civil War’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey aroused controversy after labeling a Medium article “great” that claimed there’s no “bipartisan way forward” in the United States and that the country is engaged in a “fundamental conflict between two worldviews that must be resolved in short order.”

Dorsey shared the Medium article on his personal Twitter account Thursday night, with the accompanying acclaim that it was a “great read.”

He came under withering fire for The original piece, published on Medium by authors Peter Leyden and Ruy Teixeira, analogized our current political environment to the Civil War and suggested that Republicans needed to be “thoroughly defeated.”

“In this current period of American politics, at this juncture in our history, there’s no way that a bipartisan path provides the way forward. The way forward is on the path California blazed about 15 years ago,” wrote Leyden and Teixeira.

“At some point, one side or the other must win – and win big. The side resisting change, usually the one most rooted in the past systems and incumbent interests, must be thoroughly defeated .”

Essentially, the authors called for a complete marginalization of the Republican Party and its voters since they only care “about rule by and for billionaires at the expense of working people” and not “average citizens.”

California, despite its mass wealth inequality, growing lack of social cohesion, poverty, and soaring housing costs “provides a model for America as a whole,” according to Leyden and Teixeira. Interestingly enough, they claimed the state’s economy is booming, although arguably not for long. They also oddly claimed the state is running on surpluses without acknowledging its debt crisis.

“The public is happy with its political leaders,” they noted. However, California Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, has a 44 percent approval rating. The article also does not acknowledge that the state has seen tens of thousands of residents leave annually for the last few years.

The article — and Dorsey’s promotion — is noteworth,y as Twitter has come under fire for years from conservatives over what they say is liberal bias on the platform. Twitter has long used the verification process as a form of quasi-endorsement, dispensing blue checks to favored accounts, while denying them to those out of favor. Julian Assange — the Wikileaks provocateur currently holed up at the Ecuadorian embassy in London — still remains unverified, despite his frequent protests.

A spokesperson for Twitter did not immediately respond to request for comment from TheWrap Saturday.

Comment instead was amply provided by the Twitter hive mind that savaged Dorsey on the platform he helped invent.

Alex Hall

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