Nikki Haley Confronts WaPo Reporter Over False Reporting

Expecting decency and honesty from the Washington Post is likely to fail. They often attack this administration without verifying all info and triple checking. And now, they are getting caught reporting fake news again.

And we wonder why the media has a credibility problem in this country.

On Saturday, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley slammed a Washington Post reporter after he misquoted her words that she said there were 250,000 U.S. citizens living in poverty.

Haley demanded policy reporter Jeff Stein to “retract,” the claim he wrote in a story titled “The Trump administration has a new argument for dismantling the social safety net: It worked” on Friday. Stein tweeted the 250,000 figure that Haley says she “never said” with a link to his story.

“The Haley number above, I should note, is for ‘extreme poverty,’” he tweeted less than 10 minutes later on Friday, without deleting the incorrect tweet. The incorrect tweet received 299 retweets. The correction tweet received eight.

Haley responded to this respectively, saying: “@JStein_WAPO I never said this. My team has asked you to retract this and take down your tweets. I am now respectfully asking that you follow through with what you told my team you would do. Thank you”

Good for you Nikki! Stay on top of the lies from the Washington Post!

Unfortunately, this is the tactic of the progressive left. They put out deliberately false/misleading information that supposes to get the intended shock value. If they ever do a correction or retraction it’s always late after the damage has been done. It is most certainly intentional.

Do you agree?

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H/T The Daily Caller

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