Liberal Nurse Wishes For Sarah Sanders’ Death, Mike Huckabee Makes Her Regret It Immediately

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is a strong woman who is not afraid to speak the truth. She is not that kind of a girl who will just stand there and listen to the liberal media constant attacks! No, she did something that made us all proud of her!

She is one tough, sensible, and patriotic woman. She is appropriate and stands up for this nation’s values and principles. She is truly an asset to the Trump team. She takes no crap and always has an intelligent answer.

Sarah Sanders is a very pretty woman and she is smarter than anyone else in that press room. So for anyone to say such a disrespectful thing is beyond me. People who say insulting and unkind things about others only have LOW SELF-ESTEEM!

The Los Angeles Times published a piece written by David Horsey, which criticized White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. However, the piece went after Sanders’s appearance by calling her a “slightly chunky soccer mom.”

Since then, Horsey has issued an apology at the top of the piece:

I want to apologize to Times readers — and to Sarah Huckabee Sanders — for a description that was insensitive and failed to meet the standards of our newspaper. It also failed to meet the expectations I have for myself. It surely won’t be my last mistake, but this particular error will be scrupulously avoided in my future commentaries. I’ve removed the offending description.
But the attacks didn’t stop there!

Sarah Huckabee was in the demilitarized zone in South Korea. It was very cold outside and she didn’t have a jacket which prompted a soldier to lend her his jacket. In a shocking reaction to what happened, a nursing professor at the University of Memphis tweeted that she would have liked to see Sarah Huckabee “freeze to death” instead. Bad move.

Once Mike Huckabee got wind of this he was p*ssed! He responded to this horrible nurse, and what he said is going viral!

Here’s what nurse Ratched tweeted:

When Mike Huckabee saw what the liberal nurse had said about his daughter, he unleashed the full force of a Papa Bear who’s baby girl had just been attacked. “Woman teaches nursing at @uofmemphis and wishes my daughter would die. I feel sorry for someone so hateful and vicious,” Huckabee responded via Twitter.

“Poor woman makes Nurse Ratched look like Mother Teresa! How angry and bitter is a person who says that? Sad for your students and for you,” added the former Arkansas Governor.

I adore and admire everything about Sarah. God gives her the poise and strength to stand against these sick democrats. She is forthright, honest, totally mentally prepared for all questions, and has no fear of the press. She makes our President and our wonderful country, and our faithful God looks so good. She definitely is Mike Huckabee’s daughter.

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Alex Hall

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