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One Day After The Footage Of Alleged New York “Mass Graves”, New Footage Of A Muslim Mass Graves In London Emerges

Yesterday images have emerged of coffins being buried in a “mass grave” in New York City.

Workers in hazmat outfits were seen stacking wooden coffins in deep trenches in Hart Island.

New York City officials have hired contract laborers to bury the dead in its potter’s field on Hart Island.

These images shown are of Potter’s Field where 24 people are buried a week in normal times.
But the mainstream media tried to add more panic and pressure on the American citizens!

Today another so-called “mass grave” has emerged in London.

The plots, which are 10 meters long and two meters wide, have been dug at Kemnal Park Cemetery in Chislehurst, southeast London.

They are allegedly being introduced to cope with a large number of Muslim deaths as the Islamic community is left devastated by the reality of the killer disease.

Funeral directors have claimed they have as many as 50 people waiting to be buried. Traditionally, an Islamic burial should take place with 24 hours of death.

One Twitter user wrote:

Sadly, we now have Muslim mass graves taking place in London.
May Allah have mercy on us all.
Video below:

As the Daily Mail reported the mass graves, known as ‘saff graves’, are being dug at the Eternal Gardens Muslim Burial Ground which forms part of the Kemnal Park cemetery.

Bodies will be buried individually and surrounded by wood and earth, as per Islamic ritual.

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Natalie D.

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