Photos: The Self-Professed ‘Proud Boy’ Who Was Arrested After Threatening To Blow Up Voting Location Appears To Be A Democrat And BLM Supporter

A 33-year-old self-professed “Proud Boy” was arrested Wednesday by the Dickinson Police Department on C-Felony Terrorizing charges after sending an anonymous email to The Dickinson Press in which he conveyed a bomb threat, targeting a voting location in the city.

Anthony A. Raymond of Dickinson was arrested and incarcerated at the Southwest Multi-County Correction Center after a prompt investigation administered by Dickinson Police Detectives. The anonymous email threat was received by The Press Wednesday afternoon.

The email stated, “I will blow up the voting location in Stark Co.,” and it was signed by “The Proud Boys.” The Proud Boys claim to be a fraternal group of “western chauvinists” whose mission is to spread an “anti-political correctness” and “anti-white guilt” agenda, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) but we all know that the Proud Boys are far more peaceful protester than Antifa or BLM.

After being notified of the email, officers with Dickinson’s investigations team traced its origin, determining an IP address for the computer and ultimately locating and arresting Raymond without incident.

Dickinson Police Sgt. Joe Cianni described Raymond as an “intellectually challenged Dickinson resident” who is not believed to have any affiliation with the Proud Boys.

So the fake news & Antifa have been framing this story as a proud boy threatened to blow up a polling station. I went through his social media and it actually appears to be a Democrat impersonating a proud boy.

In 2016 he started posting anti-Trump memes.
Photo below:

He frequently shares posts from Occupy Democrats about how evil Trump & Republicans are.
Photos below:

After the nationwide protests started happening he made & shared posts in support of BLM.

Photos below:

These are not posts any proud boy would ever make.

Photos below:

I think it would be a good idea for the Proud Boys to come out and say “he’s not one of us” just to deal that final death blow to the media that didn’t bother to do their research.

Alex Hall

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