Photos: Unfortunate Sign Placement for Jill Biden During High School Visit in Utah

First Lady Jill Biden made a brief visit to the Beehive State on Tuesday, where she visited a local school and attended campaign events.

During her visit, Dr. Biden spoke at Hunter High School in West Valley City “to celebrate educators and highlight the importance of educator wellness” alongside Utah First Lady Abby Cox and U.S. Surgeon General Dr Vivek Murthy.

“I know that sometimes it feels like the weight for teachers like you across the country, the weight is too much to carry,” said Dr. Biden.

Teacher mental health is a topic both Cox and Biden are passionate about. Both women have experience in education.

“I know that you’re seeing the trauma that they bring with them. I know that that is hard and it’s an extra burden for you,” said Cox.


Hunter High employees were happy to hear their work is valued.

The name of the school was… Hunter High School, and while the signs on display all around Jill Biden during her stop there read “Hunter High School,” some of the photos and videos didn’t capture the “School” part:

Jill Biden trying to distract from her comments about Hunter’s drug abuse, and ending up under a giant banner reading “Hunter High,” is straight out of a VEEP episode

“I was surprised that they chose Hunter High and I was wondering what was it that made her choose that, but I’m super honored,” said Italian teacher Stefania Orme.

It was never specified why Hunter High was chosen for the first lady’s visit.

I mean in Jill Biden’s defense, it is the name of the school.

But one would think that her handlers would have had the sense to pick one that didn’t incidentally have the same name as the notorious Biden family member who has a history of substance abuse, openly defying Congressional subpoenas, and suspicious foreign business dealings, the latter of which his famous and powerful father allegedly played a central role.

But her staff didn’t, and as a result, the social media memes and quips were fast and flowing.

Kathy Sullivan

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