The President Hits Back! Trump Reveals The Real Reason Why He Refused To Release Democrats’ Rebuttal Memo

It’s past time for heads to roll. Congress has to act and show guts and the integrity to indict Hillary, Obama, and all the criminals.

The FBI and the DOJ have been ignoring Clinton’s easily proven crimes while trying to frame the POTUS for things he didn’t do. The FBI is breaking laws left and right to frame an innocent man. All because President Trump had the audacity to say ” America First” which is poison to a communist libtard.

But, the hammer of justice is coming down! Maybe slower than we think but they will answer for their crimes!

The GOP memo, written by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and released last week, clearly showed that Obama’s Justice Department and his hand-picked minions at the FBI abused a surveillance program in order to spy on President-elect Donald Trump. Democrats (and their minions in the MSM) went into overdrive to dispute the memo (not very effectively, by the way).

So, Democrats decided to put together their own memo, drafted by hyper-partisan lawmaker Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). But they really didn’t care if the memo was released — in fact, they packed it with highly-classified information to make sure that it either wasn’t released or that it was heavily redacted. Their intent: Bash Trump and Republicans for lack of transparency.

Trump saw through their little reindeer games and nixed the whole thing.

And Nunes said Democrats intentionally “packed their memo full of sources and methods” — sensitive information about how the House committee recruits sources and uncovers information.

So, Democrats have been outplayed by Trump — again. You’d think they’d get tired of so much losing, but apparently not.

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Alex Hall

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