President Trump Dossier Author Wrote ANOTHER DOSSIER… Used CLINTON Contacts

How many more Dossiers do Democrats Against Citizens of America (DACA) have to use?

It has been reported that the author of the Trump dossier Christopher Steele reportedly created a second document that has yet to be published; relying on high-level Clinton insiders and contacts inside Obama’s Justice Department to get damning intelligence on Donald Trump in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.

The new documents released by the Senate Judiciary Committee show Steele “wrote an additional memo” predicated on material originating from a “foreign source,” according to the Washington Examiner.

“In a convoluted scheme outlined in the referral, the foreign source gave the information to an unnamed associate of Hillary and Bill Clinton, who then gave the information to an unnamed official in the Obama State Department, who then gave the information to Steele,” writes the Examiner.

“Steele wrote a report based on the information, but the redacted version of the referral does not say what Steele did with the report after that,” adds the author.

Via Sean Hannity: “The revelation comes just days after the Washington Post published a bombshell report that a senior Clinton insider, Cory Shearer, compiled yet another anti-Trump dossier that was given to the Department of Justice.

Steele’s “second dossier” raises serious questions over how the material was compiled and whether it was used as a basis for FISA warrants that allowed the FBI and DOJ to surveil senior Trump associates during his run for the White House.”

Steele already is under scrutiny over the unverified Trump dossier, which a House Intelligence Committee document released last Friday alleged was at the heart of the FBI and DOJ’s request for a surveillance warrant for a Trump associate.

What’s telling is that what Democrats believe to be a “Trump/Russia” investigation has been a Hillary/Russia investigation all along. She’s the one that all of this keeps leading back to. And I guess they will end the investigation when they finish tallying her crimes. The fact that it’s taken so long should tell us that it’s a pretty long list.

Deep State protection is what the Clintons have. That is the only explanation for allowing their crimes to crimes to continue for decades now.

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Natalie D.

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