President Trump Just Turned To An Olympic Athlete And Congratulated Her In The Trump-iest Way Possible (Video)

Team USA capped off a week in Washington with a visit to the White House and had the opportunity to meet President Donald Trump, but the results of who attended were mixed.

Despite the majority of athletes visiting the White House, there were still several big names from the Winter Games who did not attend. The most notable being figure skater Adam Rippon, who drew attention before the Olympics when he got into a feud with VP Mike Pence over gay rights.

But some of the athletes got a praise of a lifetime and that praise came from the President itself!

Snowboarding gold medalist Red Gerard, figure skater Vincent Zhou and Amanda Kessel of the women’s hockey team were among the athletes that Trump called out for their success at the Winter Olympics.

“You pulled it off. Incredible,” Trump said (via USA Today). “To be on the team and for those who won medals, all of you are winners. Just total winners. You are going to be winners in life.”

In classic Trumpian style, he congratulated one of the athletes, telling her she was “more famous” than him.

“Two months ago, America sent each of you to the Winter Olympics to represent the red, white and blue and you did an awfully good job of doing it, I will tell you,” he stated.

He then pointed to an athlete and said, “I think she’s more famous than I am.”

Many in the crowd then laughed.

“Great job. You performed and you made us very proud. Many of you came home as champions wearing bronze, silver or a gold medal, and you had very big crowds.”

“And I have to say, without certain backing, those crowds were not looking good, but all of a sudden those crowds got very, very big, very powerful and it became a very, very successful Olympics aside from everything else.”
Video below:

This was indeed the best way to congratulate the athletes!

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