President Trump Lands Knockout Punch On Obama Agency, Fires 75% Overnight

The only thing Barack Obama was ever good at was controlling narratives. The very politician who vowed to bring about change and overcome petty partisan politics was, in fact, every bit the cynical, corrupt bureaucrat that he pretended to dislike.

When Donald Trump was sworn in a US President he gave promise that he will drain the swamp from everything that was bad and corrupt for so long!

And he is doing a hell of a job so far!

Most of the members of the National Park Service Advisory Board have tendered their resignation over frustrations with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, The Washington Post reports.

Nine of the 12 board members quit Monday night, citing Zinke’s refusal to convene the citizen advisory panel or discuss matters with it since he came into office last March. Zinke has drawn criticism for a number of his actions in the Interior Department, including silencing scientists about climate change.

Zinke has rejected numerous requests to meet with the advisory panel, which is required to meet twice a year, despite his efforts to review restructuring national parks. Departing board Chairman Tony Knowles told the Post that the panel has waited to work with Zinke but has been “frozen out.”

Under Obama, agencies like the National Park Service (NPS) had way too much influence. While we love our national parks, they should not be used as a chip to expand government. Why should parks directors push climate alarmism? Why should something every American loves, our parks, be used as a front for environmentalism?

But that’s the left in a nutshell. They’ll make every excuse to push politics. Like a parent using a child as a chip in a nasty divorce settlement, liberals used parks as a way to push toxic policies.

With Trump in office, the NPS is getting whipped into shape. It will no longer be a place where politics are pushed. Instead it can perhaps, after a long time, do its job: protect and improve our National Parks. What a thought!

The more disclosures founded evidence of misconduct or worse from the previous administration explains why the massive attacks most false narratives towards Trump from the Democrats and left media sources due to Hillary losing the White House to secure the required need to keep the White House Democrat hence keep hidden all Obama’s dark deeds.


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2 thoughts on “President Trump Lands Knockout Punch On Obama Agency, Fires 75% Overnight

  • January 24, 2018 at 8:37 pm

    So, did he fire Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke? Also who were the 75 that he fired?

  • January 24, 2018 at 9:47 pm

    Obama should have never been in the White House he is not a US citizen but a CIA, UN plant for 8 years he and his butt buddy George Soros did their very best to destroy America. The young people of this generation don’t have a clue. CNN MSNBC, CBS are all leftist owned and spew propaganda. The Trump news and some of Fox is the only unbiased news you will get. The Democrats shut down the government for 3 days they will pay for that come mid term elections. The Democrats value DACA for one thing votes to hang on to power they don’t care about
    the so called Dreamers just like the way they used the black people to stay in power. Trump is turning America around draining the swamp MAGA, New sheriff in town no more business as usual…………


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