Quick Thinking Hero Uses A Very Nice “Street” Technique On Hit And Run Suspect Fleeing Police (Video)

According to recent crime statistics, Chicago has a crime rate of 3,926 per 100,000 people. That’s 67% higher than the national average—and violent crime plays an outsized role in those numbers.

The two-year spike in killings in Chicago mirrors a national phenomenon. At least 12 American cities saw record numbers of homicides last year, and from 2019 to 2020, the number of murders nationwide jumped 30%, the largest single-year increase in 50 years.

In Chicago, the increase in murders from 2019 to 2020 was 55%, according to CPD homicide data, though last year’s 3% increase over 2020 trailed the national increase of nearly 7%.

Chicago police posted pictures of the crash scene and contraband on Twitter. A witness recorded a now-viral video of the man being tripped and tackled by a bystander as Chicago cops moved in to make the arrest near Lolapalooza.

A man who was singled out by the Chicago police superintendent as an example of an alleged murderer who should not have been released on electronic monitoring, only to be found not guilty six months later, allegedly ran from a crashed car in the Loop on Thursday, leaving behind a bag containing $8,000 in marijuana and a loaded handgun with an auto-fire switch and an extended magazine attached.


Torrence Reese was charged in March 2017 with killing two people and injuring a third during a shootout that authorities said was the result of an attempt to steal marijuana. Reese was also shot during the incident.

On Thursday evening, Chicago police tried to pull over a white Jeep in the Loop. Prosecutors say the Jeep drove onto the sidewalk and ran red lights before it crashed into two cars that were stopped for a traffic signal near Michigan Avenue and Harrison Street, not far from the Lolapalooza festival.

The Jeep’s driver bailed out and Reese ran from its front passenger seat, Assistant State’s Attorney Steven Haamid said Friday.

This video shows what happened next. A man wearing a tie-dye shirt stuck his leg out and tripped Reese, who fell to the sidewalk. He got back up and started running, only to be pushed into a pole by the same bystander as cops approached.

Watch the video below:

Cops found a blue bookbag on the front passenger seat where Reese had been, Haamid said. Inside, officers found the loaded handgun with the auto-fire switch and extended magazine along with three bottles of promethazine and $8,100 worth of pot, according to Haamid. Another bag, located behind the driver’s seat, contained another $8,100 worth of marijuana, he continued.

Prosecutors charged the driver, Darius Sanford, with aggravated fleeing, possession of cannabis, and driving on a suspended license. The cannabis charge is linked to the bag that police allegedly found behind the driver’s seat.

They charged Reese with possession of cannabis and possessing a controlled substance for the pot and promethazine that was allegedly inside the blue bag.

According to the sheriff’s office online inmate search, neither man was in custody as of Saturday morning.

Source: CWBChicago

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