Race Hoax – Black Couple Who Reported Racist Pro-Trump Graffiti On Vehicles Charged With Insurance Fraud

An African-American couple pulled their best Jussie Smollet impression by attacking their own car and blaming it on the Trumpers!

As WREG reported an African-American Southaven couple said they woke up Tuesday morning to find racist graffiti had been spray-painted on two of their vehicles.

Southaven Police confirmed they are investigating the reported vandalism on Marcia Louise Drive, and the FBI is also looking into the matter.

The couple’s pickup truck has two N****** spray-painted on it. A car was painted with the phrase ‘Leave N******’ and ‘Trump.’

“This had to be unnerving for a quiet family to come out to their cars and see what they saw there,” neighbor Pastor Vincent McCaskil said.


The couple didn’t want to speak with WREG about what happened and neither did most of their neighbors, but McCaskill said he couldn’t stay silent.

“It’s time for us as believers to truly speak up and speak out against it,” he said. “We cannot remain silent against this.”

We all know how much the media loves racism and how relevant the coronavirus is so why didn’t the mainstream media touch this? This selective outrage on a consistent basis has the majority of our population in the dark.

That’s why they failed to report that this was just another huge race hoax.

Foster was taken into custody Friday and charged with insurance fraud and tampering with evidence, but Southaven police stopped short of explicitly saying Foster was responsible for the graffiti.

“That it was a hoax just kind of made us look silly,” Foster’s neighbor Shelby Littleton said.

“To make something up, that just does not make sense to me,” Bradley Littleton said.

The Mississippi native was charged with insurance fraud after he reported racist graffiti had been spray-painted on two of his vehicles.

The demand for racism is much larger than the actual amount of racism in this country.

This is that “White Supremacy” problem that’s sweeping across the country, the Democrats keep telling us about!

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Alex Hall

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