Rashida Tlaib Caught On Camera Making Racist Statements – “Non-African Americans Think All African Americans Look The Same”


Rashida Tlaib judges people based on their religion, viewpoint and identity, and that’s just not cool. She also likes to hide behind her sex, religion and anything else she can to try and avoid the consequences of her words and actions.

Here’s why the woman is revenant again today:

Tlaib, during a recent tour of a Detroit Police facility, went on a full blown tyrade when she essentially accused everyone who isn’t black of being a racist. I know what you are thinking “yeah right,” as was I, … until I saw the video which is embedded below.

Tlaib had the gall to say, and in fairness to everyone at the facility, they seemed stunned that she had the nerve to say such a vile thing, that only black people should be hired for a new facial recognition software and technology program because everyone else thinks that all black people look alike…


Just watch the man on the left, who is wearing glasses, who appears to be a black man, his reaction is great. He handled it perfectly, explaining that what Tlaib said is not right and that people should be hired regardless of race, gender or viewpoint. As usual, kudos to the cops, shame on the Congresswoman.

Rashida even had the terrible judgement to suggest that the House of Representatives is racist because sometimes people call rep. Cumminigs by the wrong name.

Lady, you’re not making the compelling case you think you are making. Your statement, in and of itself, was, in my view, racist AF. Way more racist than mixing up someones name and calling them by the name of another accomplished individual.

Just imagine for a second if Trump said that only white people, or only Asian people, should be hired for a job because everyone else is racist and thinks Asians look alike.
Video below:

She knew she was being taped and she still thought it was a good idea to say it. Her judgement is suspect at best. Let’s hope her district has the good sense to send someone with better judgement to represent them next election. I would love to see a Muslim who embraces traditional American values in Congress. I think there is nothing that could help religious relations more than such a candidate winning election. But hey, this is all, just like, my opinion, man.

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Alex Hall

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