Rep. Mark Meadows Hammers Sessions, Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray (VIDEO)

On Tuesday evening, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes issued a stern warning to Wray and Rosenstein: Hand over the unredacted documents that congressional investigators have requested or face not only the prospect of being held in contempt — but impeachment, as well.

On Wednesday, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-SC) told reporters that he “absolutely” believes Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “should be held in contempt,” after ignoring a subpoena request by Nunes.

“Really at this particular point, it’s members of Congress who have a bigger problem with Rod Rosenstein [than the president],” Meadows said in response to a question about POTUS possibly firing the deputy AG. “Myself included.”

“He is not giving us the documents, and he is not doing his job,” he continued. “If he is not going to do the job, he needs to go and find one that he will do, and so the frustration with the AG and the deputy AG is probably more of a focus of Congress, and it probably makes the president’s dissatisfaction pale in comparison.”

“They have not complied with the subpoena. They should be held in contempt if they can’t get it right.”

Meadows added that impeaching FBI Director Christopher Wray — an idea first floated by Nunes — is “in the tool box.”

“Hopefully they will comply long before we have to go that route, but it is in the toolbox that we have there. Certainly contempt of Congress is the first step.”

Wish we had more like Mark Meadows!

Sessions, Rosie and Wray should all be held in contempt. It is very obvious that Wray and Rosenstein are slow-walking this on purpose and are willingly uncooperative. This in itself says they are protecting someone, if not themselves.

If contempt and impeachment are not started NOW, it could be all over. There is something broken and it needs to be fixed. The first item being Rod Rosenstein should be removed by whatever means possible. The President should give this responsibility to Sessions. If he doesn’t fire Rosenstein, then Sessions should be fired and a new AG appointed. It is time to STOP avoiding conflict and get rid of it!

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Natalie D.

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