REPORT! Special Counsel Mueller TRANSFERS All ‘EVIDENCE’ on Mike Flynn

In a new bombshell report from Fox News contributor, Sara Carter it is revealed that the office of the special counsel is prepared to comply with a federal order to “hand over” all “evidence” pertaining to former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, according to multiple sources familiar with the case.

“The Office of Special Counsel complied with a federal judge’s order and as a result turned over all evidence related to former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s case, according to two sources who spoke to this reporter,” writes Carter.

She added: “In December, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ordered Special Counsel Robert Mueller to provide Flynn’s attorneys with any and all information that may have been withheld from the case.”

Sullivan ordered the government to produce any evidence in its possession that is “favorable to defendant and material either to defendant’s guilt or punishment.” […]

Carter also reported that Sullivan’s request for Mueller to turn over all evidence came after the plea, and the judge noted that even if Mueller believed the information was not “material” to the case, it would be up to Sullivan to decide whether or not to disclose the information to Flynn’s attorney.

“The implications that possible exculpatory evidence was withheld by Mueller’s office would be a significant development for Flynn,” she added.

The news comes as Mueller’s ongoing investigation is reportedly turning towards the President’s finances.

There you have it. Mueller is known for tricking and framing people in his past cases, from hiding evidence from judges, lying, cursing, intimidation, and threatening! Why did it take 3 months for Mueller to release the info to the judge? Stonewalling?

Mike Flynn was totally set up. I hope he will be exonerated and Mueller will be found guilty of sabotaging him. I hope Flynn can sue and bankrupt all involved in this corruption. Mueller needs to hang his head in shame and resign.

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Natalie D.

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