Reporters Unhappy After Veterans Joined Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Claims And Booed The Media

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump spoke to the VFW Convention in Kansas City, Missouri. While speaking at the Convention, Trump triggered reporters as he once again called them out as “Fake News.” Trump pointed at the media in attendance and condemned outlets that have been critical of his proposed tariffs, singling out CNN and NBC News.

“Don’t believe the crap that you see from these people. The fake news,” Trump said.

But this time, it turned out that veterans are also sick and tired of the fake news media. So the gathered veterans joined in and booed the media.

Well, I’m sure many of those vets remember those “firefighters” of the press having opinions and writing stories about them that weren’t very flattering, such as saying that they are child murderers who were too stupid to go to college while sympathizing with our enemies…

WaPo reporter Philip Rucker wrote: “Stick with us. Don’t believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news,” Trump says at Veterans of Foreign Wars convention. Scores of veterans, right on cue from the commander in chief, point to press riser and boo and hiss.


Others joined:

“Trump, the commander in chief, points to the press in the back, veterans boo, jeer and applaud. Unsettling,” BuzzFeed’s Vera Bergengruen wrote.

What kind of ego and delusion do you have to have to think that by your profession you are immune from criticism?But, when you find so many people hating you need to take a second for self-introspection and ask yourself why! However, it’s totally beyond these leftards to understand why they are so hated as they continue their leftard hackery.

It’s fairly simple. They need to stop creating “news” that has to be corrected and edited or fully retracted due to glaring mistakes a third grader could have verified to be false, and people won’t have to call them the fake news.

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