Roseanne Barr: Every Single Attack on POTUS Is Really a Disguised Attack on American Voters

Roseanne Barr isn’t afraid to defy Hollywood and the media elites. She did just that when she exposed what the attacks on President Donald Trump are really about.

Roseanne points out that these attacks are really attacks on the American people who rejected Hollywood and the media elites’ destructive globalism. They are attacks against the American people who are fed up with the destructive nature of the United States government, which has been selling out its own people for the past three decades. They are attacks against you and me who want to Make America Great Again. Who wants to drain the swamp and end the corruption and evil that is rotting our nation from the inside.

And as typical left-wing lunatics do – they don’t attack the actual statements, but rather go after the person. They can’t have an honest debate because their ideas are all lies. This was on full display when a Lazon Smith instantly attacked Roseanne for her courageous truth-telling.

Roseanne wasn’t going to put up with it at all. She absolutely wrecked Lazon and her direct personal attack.

@Jstmy2cents2 @POTUS i got rich out of making jokes about my life. fuck you.
— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) March 21, 2017

In fact other patriots took up Roseanne’s defense and exposed Lazon as a complete fraud and shill with absolutely zero ideas and valid arguments.

Do you agree with Roseanne?

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Editor’s Note: This particular story was popular at the time it originally made the news and is circulating again a second time for the important and applicable message that’s relevant today.

Maybe this is the reason why her show got canceled!

Alex Hall

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