San Francisco Police Shooting Video Reveals That They Put This Man To Sleep After Tense Argument And Cheering From The Local Crowd – Are You Ready For Another Summer Of Love

San Francisco police confirm an officer shot and killed a man in the city’s Bayview District on Wednesday.

At a news conference, Officer Robert Rueca said plainclothes officers were arresting a male suspect in the area at around 2:53 p.m. when a second man, unrelated to the arrest, engaged with the officers.

More officers arrived and, at some point, the second man was shot by police, according to SFPD.

An investigation is underway into a deadly police shooting on Wednesday in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood, according to police.

Rueca said uniformed officers in a marked police vehicle arrived at the scene and that the second man was possibly armed with a firearm.

Video from the incident below:

Police fired upon the man who was struck by gunfire. Medics then rendered aid, and police said the item the man was armed with was seized from the scene.

Community activists said Wednesday evening that the person who was shot was someone who kept to himself and may have had mental health issues. They added they are trying to understand how the incident happened.

“When I arrived, the only thing I seen laying by the body was a tall can like a pill bottle. That’s all I’ve seen. Several of our community members again, who watched SFPD shoot that man. They said they did not see a gun, they did not see a weapon pulled out,” said community advocate PJ Iulio.

“That’s where the confusion is right now. If they were here arresting someone else, where did this altercation come in with them and the other fella?” Iulio added.

SFPD said it will host a town hall to release more details in the next 10 days. Meanwhile, the D.A.’s office is investigating the shooting.

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