Sarah Sanders Rips Chuck Schumer With An Excellent Comeback (VIDEO)

In a response to a reporter’s question White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders slammed Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, during Tuesday’s daily briefing. A reporter asked about Schumer’s comments that ripped Trump over recent negotiations with China.

Schumer criticised President Trump over reports that the president is nearing a deal to lift a ban on American companies selling components to Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE.

” ‘The Art of the Deal’ — it should be President Xi who writes the book because he’s taken us to the cleaners on ZTE,” Schumer said.

“The deal President Trump seems to be making is exactly the kind of deal that Donald Trump, before he was President Trump, would call weak or the worst deal ever,” he added.

But, Sarah Sanders held nothing back. In her response, she said: “Like I said before, Senator Schumer is not somebody that this White House will ever take advice from on how to negotiate or get a good deal on anything based on his track record and his weakness when it comes to China.



“We finally have a president that is actually calling out China on their unfair trade practices and not just calling them out but actually doing something about it. And aggressively pushing forward in negotiations. Something we haven’t seen in decades. Senator Schumer is probably the last one we would call on to make a deal.”


Watch it from 10:15

Sarah’s response was awesome!

These reporters keep asking some stupid questions. Schumer’s had his chance and proven unqualified for the task!! That’s the mess Trump’s trying to clean up right now!

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Natalie D.

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