School District In Houston Threatens To Suspend Students Who Protest After Florida Shooting

Democrats motto is- Never let a crisis go to waste… The truth is- Democrats are using Stoneman Douglas High School shooting for political propaganda. It is clear that they see this tragedy as an “opportunity” to promote their political ideology. They will keep using any reason to take control of Our Right to bear arms and will not stop until they do.

When it comes to the second amendment the left wing propaganda machine thought proved that they are going against the Constitution! The 2nd amendment has been violated for decades.

The left-wing propaganda machine thought they could attack President Trump over the latest school shooting in Florida and get away with it!

President Trump blamed Democrats for failing to act to strengthen gun restrictions under the Obama administration, accusing them of using the issue as a political talking point.

Many students will protest just to prove a point that we need gun control laws, when in fact we need armed guards in schools to prevent more tragedies in the future!

Needville ISD Superintendent Curtis Rhodes on Tuesday threatened to suspend any student who disrupts schools or walks out to protest current gun laws.

In a letter sent to families and published on schools’ social media sites, Rhodes said students would face a three-day, out-of-school suspension if they joined in growing protests nationwide over the shooting at a Florida high school last week.

“Life is all about choices and every choice has a consequence whether it be positive or negative. We will discipline no matter if it is one, fifty, or five hundred students involved,” Rhodes wrote. “All will be suspended for 3 days and parent notes will not alleviate the discipline.”

Needville is in Fort Bend County, about 45 minutes southwest of Sugar Land.

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Alex Hall

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3 thoughts on “School District In Houston Threatens To Suspend Students Who Protest After Florida Shooting

  • February 21, 2018 at 10:48 pm

    wonder who the sign maker´s or who they belong to.

  • February 21, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    Absolutely YES ! Superintendent Curtis Rhodes is in my opinion an exceptional example of what a Superintendent of schools should be. He not only has the authority to do this, but it is the job of a Superintendent to make decisions that enforce the rules and regulations of common and established norms for students in his charge. If more individuals in his position of authority would act with this type of common sense decision making and stopped allowing the students to make the decisions to circumvent their authority, the school systems all across the country would be better off ! I for one as many I would certainly hope commend him for his decision to inform the students beforehand, and allow them to make the decision on their own. This ensures that not only did he not strip them of their dignity to have a choice in the matter, but allows the necessary punishment that has been promised should they themselves make this decision against the warning not to do so during school hours and completely relieves him of any responsibility with the students or the parents should the students defy the clearly laid out consequences and then are held responsible and suffer the penalties forewarned for their decisions. I say he absolutely made a proper decision and made it clear to both the students and their parents and should definitely stand behind that decision and make good on his promise to expel the insolent youngsters. Otherwise, they will never learn.

  • February 22, 2018 at 4:04 am

    Two 18-year-old blacks – one freshman in college one a HS dropout – an “accidental” shooting over theft gone wrong during a drug deal. Hoover, Alabama which is an upper middle-class area. Son in school with both and drop out was a school known drug dealer among the school students. How come this never made the news.

    Oh yes, black-on-black shooting and drugs involved. Gun was stolen by the way. Both boys were from single-mom families and son said both were known trouble-makers.

    I agree with the superintendent, he is keeping the school system safe and doing his job which is educating students.


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