Screenshots: Worse Than CNN – Fox News Employee Leaked Internal Documents And It Seems That Firing Tucker Was Just The Beginning

Fox News took CNN-style liberties with the chyron under a split-screen of President Trump and Joe Biden speaking at the same time Tuesday night. This was after Joe Biden had his top political rival arrested and arraigned earlier in the day.

Fox captioned the image, “Wannabe dictator speaks at the White House after having his political rival arrested.”

On Thursday night during his brilliant latest episode of Tucker on Twitter, Tucker Carlson reported on what happened to the FOX News employee who posted the “wannabe dictator” label on Joe Biden after he arrested his leading political opponent. FOX fired him.

So if anyone had his hopes up that Fox News could be back we have leaked internal documents that show that Fox News is now a 100% copycat of CNN!

The employees appear to be forced into participation and support of extreme LGBT groups. These documents were allegedly shown when Fox staffers logged into their employee portals. Some of the reading material suggestions for Pride Month contained graphic sex, which obviously might be off-putting to some. As Walsh noted, Fox Corp. activated an artificial intelligence program to monitor employees’ commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) activities. Just read the thread of what’s allegedly going on over there: [Warning: some graphic content]:


Under the heading “Support One Another,” Fox encourages employees to donate to @TrevorProject, @AliForneyCenter, and @LALGBTCenter.

The Trevor Project, which Fox says is devoted to helping “LGBTQ young people,” hosts a sexually explicit chat room that connects children as young as 13 years old with “LGBT” adults.

The Ali Forney Center, which Fox praises for rescuing “homeless LGBT youth,” appears to admit (on Twitter and its website) that it injects these homeless young people with cross-sex hormones, which are known to cause sterilization.

The Los Angeles LGBT Center, which Fox calls “unstoppable,” has posted a video of a mother “surprising” her “trans daughter” with the child’s first dose of hormones. YouTube removed the footage for terms of service violations, but a screenshot is still on Twitter.

Let’s scroll down a bit more on the Fox employee portal. Employees are also encouraged to “expand [their] perspective” by reading books by trans activists, including a memoir titled Fairest “about a precocious boy … who would grow up to become a woman.”

The book contains information that’s obviously important for Fox employees as they go about their duties at work. For example, an early scene explains what a “glory hole” is.

The Fox-endorsed book also details the author’s graphic description of having a “c*ck” in his mouth.

(I’m not going to post that screenshot here because it is too disturbing and graphic.)

Another book that Fox leadership encourages its employees to read, “Red White and Royal Blue,” is about a fictional gay relationship between the Prince of Wales and the president’s son. It contains this dialogue calling America a “genocidal empire.”

The book, which Fox suggests will “expand your perspective,” also quickly devolves into gay erotica.

(Again, not gonna post that disturbing screenshot of gay erotica here.)

Fox leadership doesn’t just pick out books for its adult employees. They also suggested a pride rainbow-filled kid’s book with a character who comes out as a unicorn, presumably symbolizing coming out as gay or transgender.

More leaks are expected…
Do the executives and owners just not know what’s happening in their company? Are they trying to comply with some onerous New York State Law? Do they not care? Do they actually support this nonsense? Fox News’ audience deserves to know.

Or maybe Fox leadership isn’t concerned with how the audience feels because they’re not really beholden to those viewers at all. Like YouTube, some of Fox’s largest shareholders are enormous institutional investors, particularly Black Rock and Vanguard Group.

Alex Hall

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