Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Is Cleaning House At The State Department

I want to thank my President Donald Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence, and their entire administration for the continued work in making my country great again.

There’s still a lot of repair work to be done in regards to the damage inflicted by the Obama’s administration.

I am well confident that this administration will do great things in achieving goals for we the people instead of against we the people.

Instead of seeking to destroy America as the Obama’s administration sought to do, we can embrace an “Americans for America” administration.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is cleaning house at the State Department, according to a report. Staffers in the offices of deputy secretary of state for management and resources as well as a counselor were shown the door, according to CBS News.

Many of those let go were on the building’s seventh floor — top floor bigs — a symbolically important sign to the rest of the diplomatic corps that their new boss has different priorities than the last one.

It’s about time to DRAIN THE SWAMP. That’s the only way Trump administration will get anything done. Otherwise, things will be leaked to Democrats and Liberals and they will do everything they can to ruin and stop what is good for our country. They want to divide America.

Anyone appointed by a previous president should be removed if a different party wins the White House.They’re not going to try very hard if they don’t believe in what you’re doing!

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Alex Hall

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