Sick Photo – Joe Biden Kisses Granddaughter On Lips During Iowa Rally

Biden, the 76-year-old former vice-president and senator from Delaware enters a crowded field of competitors, but polls in recent weeks have consistently shown him leading the pack, perhaps because of his experience and lengthy record in office.

But unlike some of his much younger opponents, it’s his decades in the public eye, and in particular his well-documented history of confusing or downright embarrassing gaffes and misstatements, that may end up working against him.

Biden’s awkward behavior over the years is not limited to what he has said, but also how he acts. Several women have recently come forward to say he has made inappropriate physical contact with them, leaving them to feel uncomfortable.

His latest awkward moment came when the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden gave his 19-year-old granddaughter a kiss on the lips during a campaign rally in Iowa on Sunday, prompting some grossed-out responses on social media.

“Nobody” posting on Twitter linked to a photo of the smooch and noted: “This is Biden with his granddaughter. I can’t unsee it so now you have to.”

Diante Johnson, president of the Black Conservative Federation, said: “No man should EVER kiss his granddaughter like such … This is a weird family. Who’s running this man’s campaign??”

That’s disgusting and all the people in the back enjoy watching which is more disturbing.

Yesterday in his first 2020 campaign visit to Iowa, former vice president Joe Biden found himself in a heated discussion about his record on supporting women, ending with his finger in the face of Wisconsin womxn’s activist K.C. Cayo.

Cayo posted a screenshot from the video of the interaction on Twitter at 3:35 p.m. Tuesday, which garnered nearly 20,000 likes within the first 24 hours after being posted and has since surpassed that mark.

Cayo said they — along with a group of activists concerned about the structure of the Supreme Court — approached Biden with intent to ask him about his plan for “protecting the court” as well as his record on women’s rights. After being asked about how he would reform the Supreme Court, Cayo said Biden turned away from the group.

“I reached out and shook his hand so he couldn’t go anywhere right away .. and said, ‘okay, it’s great that you want to do something, but we were at the Kavanaugh hearings, and we’re very concerned about your positions on abortion and the Hyde Amendment because they’re very problematic,” Cayo said.

At this point, Cayo said Biden began to object.

“I only got to say that first part, and then he got mad,” Cayo said. “He raised his voice a little bit. He leaned really close, furrowed his brow. He tried to grab my hand again after I had let go.”

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