Southwest Florida Football Coach Cusses Out Football Player. Watch What Happens Next

Derek Jenks, head coach at Southwest Florida Preparatory and Technical Institute in Naples, Florida was captured using explicit language and verbally assaulting one of his players.

For those who missed the original video, the 45-year-old Jenks gets in Alvin Day’s face and screams and curses at him using extremely foul language. The video contains graphic language!

Video below:

In Jenks’ apology, posted on the SWFL Prep Tech Facebook page, the coach announces his suspension and vows to be a better person. He did not release details of his suspension.

“My actions I displayed as a coach and mentor today were very unacceptable and I take full responsibility for my actions and I need to be held accountable as I would hold a player accountable,” Jenks said.


“I do understand that I have broken the coach-player conduct and will seek the help to control my emotions and actions moving forward. as I tell our players they need to be better I need to walk in the same advise as them to do.”

“I’m glad that my coach is taking accountability for his actions … I’m glad he’s holding himself to the same standard that he held us to,” Day said. “I’m hoping we can move forward.”

Jenks is also Southwest Florida Preparatory and Technical Institute’s founder. The school, founded in 2022, offers SAT prep classes along with tech school options for football players after high school, in the hopes they will go on to play in college.

Back in the old days when I was a football player we got this kind of treatment every time we lose a game!

Guess, times have changed!

Alex Hall

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