Powerful Speech On Guns By Virginia Senate Candidate Triggers Democrats…Causes Them To Walk-Out (Video)

To upset a conservative, lie to him. To upset a leftist, tell him the truth.

A speech on guns from the Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates, Nick Freitas, triggered a lot of Democrats and lead them to walk out and demand a recess so that they could calm down because they were so outraged. Freitas’ powerful speech on guns quickly went viral, raking in over 12 million Facebook views since Friday.

The powerful and aggressive speech, which touched on inconvenient truths about the Democrat Party’s history, even triggered some Democrats to walk off the House floor.

Freitas delivered his remarks on Friday as a response to the very heated gun control debate.

“For several days now, some Democrats in the Virginia House of Delegates have made public speeches comparing those of us who take our oath to the Constitution seriously, to include the 2nd Amendment, to Nazis and segregationists,” wrote the delegate on Facebook captioning his speech, which he dubbed as his “response” to such attacks.

Via Daily Wire: “The Republican first debunked the leftist notion that deterring so-called “gun violence” means further infringing on Second Amendment rights. Digging deeper than gun control measures that he noted have proven ineffective in areas like Chicago and Washington, D.C., he said Americans should be looking at why so many shootings happen in “gun-free zones.” And he called attention to the high likelihood that killers come from a broken home, which he connected to the growing welfare state and the abortion industry, and how hardening schools could be a practical, proactive step.

Addressing the Left’s dirty tactics of impugning Republicans’ moral character to push their gun control agenda, Freitas listed off some hard truths about the history of the Democratic Party, which ruffled some feathers.

“It’s really difficult to have an open and honest debate about this […] because members of this body are comparing members of [the Republican] side of the aisle to Nazis,” he said, adding that it was particularly offensive that GOP members were also compared to “segregationists.”

Freitas unleashed: “It was not our party that supported slavery, that fought women’s suffrage, that rounded up tens of thousands of Asian Americans and put them in concentrations camps, that supported Jim Crow, that supported segregation, or supported mass resistance — that wasn’t our party, that was the Democrat Party,” he said.

“I’d be really appreciative that every time you want to make a powerful point, you don’t project the sins, the atrocities, and the injustices the Democratic Party perpetrated on others onto us,” slammed the Republican.

He also noted the lame talking point that Republicans representatives are “paid off” by the National Rifle Association (NRA). “Why don’t you look at how much Planned Parenthood pays compared ot the NRA?” he said.

A true conversation, he said, “starts with a certain degree of mutual respect.”

When the policies fail to produce the results you are promising your constituents, you’ll be back with more reasons on why you have to infringe on 2nd Amendment rights.”

This a GREAT line and absolutely correct. What the left is proposing will not work and they will never admit to being wrong in this case. What then must an anti-2nd A politician do, up their requests to placate their voting base? Take more and more. The left will claim that they are not getting the results because there are still guns in the US. I am like most of the people on this forum, I do not trust my government to protect my family.

Freitas is definitely a rising star in the GOP. We need more like him around. God bless him! I’m glad he mentioned how the left is trying today to twist the narrative by saying that the right will now be blamed and carry the racial sins of what the Democrats did in the past. No Republican ever owned a slave. Thank you.

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Editor’s Note: This particular story was popular at the time it originally made the news and is circulating again a second time for the important and applicable message that’s relevant today.

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