Statistics Show That Pro-Choice Politicians Are Wrong!

When Hillary talks about abortion protecting the “life” of the mother she doesn’t really mean it in the sense the rest of us do. She and her abortion proponents mean protecting the lifestyle the woman wants to lead.

A minuscule number of abortions are performed to prevent the death of the mother.

Lila Rose, pro-life activist and founder of Live Action, wrote for the Hill in response to Clinton’s dangerous and incorrect statements:

The first problem with Clinton’s claim is that research published by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute found that abortions for fetal abnormalities “make up a small minority” of late-term abortions, and those that are purported to be done to save the mother’s life are an even smaller number.

Even more problematic for Clinton, over 1,000 medical professionals have concluded that abortion is never medically necessary to save a mother’s life.  While a life-saving treatment for a mother may result in the death of her preborn child, that treatment’s purpose is not to kill the baby. For example, removing a mother’s fallopian tube in the case of an ectopic pregnancy, or inducing labor later in pregnancy to achieve better outcomes for both baby and mother is not abortion. (view the statistics below)

Not being able to save someone because we lack the technology to do so is entirely different from intentionally killing them. Abortion is an intentional killing, and that is always a grave injustice.

Rose went on to note how disturbing it is that Clinton would justify the murder of a child because he or she has a medical condition. Down Syndrome Awareness Month of October is being celebrated by millions of people as Clinton justified their murder because someone decided they aren’t worthy of life.

Abortion is legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy in the U.S. for certain exceptions — a fact that many people might not know and would be appalled to find out. As Rose reported, some states have restrictions on the barbaric practice, but seven states and the District of Columbia allow abortion for any reason at any time in the pregnancy.

Rose discussed the barbarism that is late-term and partial-birth abortion:

Most late-term abortions are induction abortions, committed by using a long needle to pierce a baby’s brain or heart to deliver a lethal dose of digoxin, which causes cardiac arrest.  The baby is then delivered stillborn two to three days later.  You can see a medically accurate animation of this procedure presented by former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino here.

The federal law banning partial-birth abortions (which Clinton voted against as a senator because she said it was too strict) still allows for the abortionist to partially deliver a child — with her legs dangling outside of her mother or most of her head being delivered — before he kills her. But for the abortionist waiting to take the child’s life as she moves through the birth canal, the child is only seconds away from taking her first breath and having full legal protection.

I was just thinking today that if these children were alive today, I bet that would change our average birth rate per family. I think we are at 1.7 now without that count. Makes you wonder.

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Alex Hall

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