The Fall Of The West – Video Shows Hooded Muslim Youths Smashing Up And Breaking Inside A YouTuber’s Family Home Because He “Disrespected Palestine”

Hooded Muslim youths filmed themselves smashing up a Muslim YouTuber’s home after accusing him of “disrespecting Palestine”.

A shocking video shows the masked gang waving the Palestinian flag whilst hurling bricks through the windows in the early hours of this morning.

Screams were heard as the thugs kicked in the front door and ran upstairs, swearing at the homeowner and demanding he ‘come outside’.

The victim – a popular YouTuber – later released a statement on social media saying he and his family were unhurt but his daughter had been left ‘traumatized’.

He denied making anti-Palestinian comments and said his videos had been altered and shared by trolls to spread hate.

The thugs appeared to be wearing masks in the footage filmed in the early hours of Monday morning.

The yobs launch several bricks through the living room window, shattering the glass – as a woman is heard screaming inside.

They shout ‘come outside’ and ‘come on, you m***********’, before kicking the front door in.

The gang is then heard shouting: ‘Where the f*** is Abu Layth?’

More smashing sounds and screams are heard from upstairs before the footage cuts out.

Video below:

In the early hours of this morning, wrote on his official Facebook page: ‘Just had some masked-up thugs break into my house, smash the doors and windows, yelling ‘free Palestine’.

‘They barged in and rummaged the place, terrorized my family. The police are here now.

‘We are safe, although my daughter (is) traumatized.’

‘This a consequence of hate-mongering and people sharing cut and paste videos of me on Palestine… foolish people circulating videos creating hate against me.’

‘There’s consequences to creating hate.

‘These thugs recorded themselves and circulated them (the videos) on WhatsApp groups.

‘The police now have these videos and are treating the matter with urgency.

The video was filmed in Birmingham, England!

These kinds of videos should be warning enough that our Western culture and tradition will be replaced with something even more dangerous and radical!

Alex Hall

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