The Pastor “Dies” And Is Only Resurrected If She Receives Enough Offerings (Video)

Many pastors in this era run church services like an auction. They manipulate members by declaring that God showed them “that if people pledge money miracles will happen. All that in a bid to lure them to pay for miracles.

Likened to auctioning, different monetary values will be called out until the pastor reaches an amount that can be affordable to the poor. They would further proclaim that “before the end of the week, 20 people will be millionaires” or “a sister or brother will get married soon”.

People who witness such money-making acts think poor people are the only ones who fall prey to these false prophecies.

Little do they know that the rich are also “blindfolded” and used to invest exorbitant amounts of money by these fake pastors with a false Godly promise that they will become wealthier.

They endure this manipulation with the belief that their problems will fall away.


Unfortunately, many are waiting in vain to hit the promised million rand jackpot or for that brother to put a ring on it.

Instead of swimming in a pool of wealth, the victims end up poorer than a church mouse while their pastors continue to flourish.

The video that we’ve received hs morning s boh funny and sad at the same time!

In the church, there are two pastors and one of them allegedly “dies” and will be only resurrected if she receives enough offerings!

The video reminds us of the pastors from South Africa who steal people’s money every day, but this video s taken in our country!
Video below:

The question remains, why would both the poor and the elite subject themselves to what is dubbed as the “fake gospel” taught by “fake pastors”.

The truth is, many Christians want “the God who provides miracles” and not the God who delivers his true living word. Their weakness is that they do not search for the truth in the Bible.

Thus, most false pastors capitalize on this weakness to deliver to the congregants what their hearts are aching for, by preaching the “mammon prosperity gospel” instead of the “salvation gospel”.

Alex Hall

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