Thieves Break Into A Car Right In Front Of The Police – Watch How The Woke Cops Reacted (Video)

Tourists from around the world watched in disbelief as auto thieves casually broke into a car and pushed away bystanders who tried intervening in broad daylight at San Francisco’s famous Alamo Square Park – an incident that unfolded directly in front of a police officer.

A viral video caught the encounter recently. It has taken off on social media, highlighting a pervasive issue that’s plagued San Francisco: out-of-control property crime and the seeming inability of its law enforcement apparatus to stop it.

The video shows the car taking off, but because of San Francisco Police’s own policies, officers cannot pursue suspects unless they are involved in a serious crime. Property crimes are not considered to be serious crimes, according to SFPD internal protocol.

Video below:

San Francisco police are now responding to a viral video of a break-in in Alamo Square.


Thousands of comments accuse the officer of being distracted or ignoring the theft.

In a Thursday statement, police said the sergeant sitting in the police car was in the area to conduct proactive patrols and was flagged down after the break-in started.

The officer immediately drove to the site of the theft, where the suspect was already out of the vehicle and trying to run away.

The suspect then dropped the stolen items and drove away, police said.

Police said the officer chased after the suspect, but that he and other responding officers couldn’t find the getaway car.

No one was injured, and the family was able to recover their belongings, police said.

No one believed in their story as the car was seen driving away freely!

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