Time To Retire – Jerry Nadler Awkwardly Hobbling Off Stage During Pelosi’s Press Briefing, People Suggest That He Pooped Himself (Video)


Democrats are terrified that either Joe Biden or the party’s own radical base will scare voters away from the party, ensuring President Donald Trump’s re-election. They’re right to be concerned. But rather than address the issues head-on, they’re trying to get your vote before the damage is done.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) shared an overarching theme of promoting the Biden/Harris ticket as saving democracy from the crushing grip of a “fascist president”. To that end, speakers encouraged Democrats and undecided voters, perhaps ephemerally swayed by their messages, to cast their votes as early as humanly possible.

With former Vice President Joe Biden once again on the campaign trail, there have been too many gaffes to pick just one.

But they do have other talents in their ranks.


Another ancient member of the Democrat party who’s showing some serious signs of aging.

In this video, Jerry Nadler is seen awkwardly hobbling off stage during Pelosi’s press briefing.

He’s bouncing back and forth so much that he’s starting to look like Humpty Dumpty.

Social media users suggested that he even pooped his pants.

Video below:

A longer version of the video:

Here’s the reaction of many Americans:

At least everyone was wearing a mask already

The only way to solve this problem is to put Biden next to him. He’ll look normal.

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