Top Obama Adviser Makes Stunning Admission That Will Make Liberals Head Explode! (Video)

Obama is incapable of admitting any failure or expressing any regret.

Obama’s pure corruption is starting to leak out. It won’t be long until someone in his administration needs to save themselves and expose him & other bad apples.

Now, is the time for “Patriots”! The Republic is hanging in the balance. Treasonous collusion at highest levels within the government. Time to convene independent prosecutor’s counsel and root out, those that are responsible for attempting to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

Today Valerie Jarrett, who served as senior adviser to President Barack Obama, said that she doesn’t believe Obama has any regrets about downplaying the Russian threat in 2012.

Meghan McCain asked Jarrett on Wednesday’s episode of “The View” if Obama would take back comments he made during a presidential debate with then-Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

“I remember in 2012 when President Obama sort of took light of Putin and Russia and said it was a 1980s foreign policy to Mitt Romney,” McCain said. “Do you think there’s a level of regret given what we know about Russian meddling and everything that Putin’s doing — do you think there’s any regret?”

“You know, I don’t know that he looks back and regrets what he said at the time,” Jarrett said before pivoting to talk about foreign policy in general.

Unwilling to let Jarrett off the hook, McCain pressed, “but is there any regret for not doing more?”

“We have to be concerned every single day about how to keep America safe,” Jarrett said. “How to get rid of foreign influence.”

“So no regrets?” McCain asked again. “No regrets?”

“What’s the point?” Jarrett finally conceded. “Would he have done something differently? I don’t think so.”

No shock there, he doesn’t regret it because he won. Had he lost he would have regretted it. Democrats actions are driven solely by what will gain them power.

Don’t act shocked or confused. We all knew Obama was up to this collision past his eyeballs. Thank God for Trump’s election…otherwise, the truth would never have been revealed. America was/is at stake.

Spread this news everywhere because the mainstream media will ignore it for sure!

Alex Hall

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