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Truth Or Fiction – Citizen Reporters Go Out And Record Videos About Allegedly Empty Hospitals In The Coronavirus Epicenter


After all kinds of complaining that his state of New York needs ventilators, oh so many ventilators because there aren’t nearly enough in New York, has refused help from Remington when they offered to send ventilators to New York.

But as we previously reported the Democrats in New York not up to the task of handling the Coronavirus threat.

Now there are some conservative commentators who questioned how busy American hospitals actually are. On Twitter, photos and video clips purporting to show nearly empty hospital and parking lots. More of the same on a YouTube “citizen reporters” video.

Todd Starnes is also in the video compilation that shows empty hospitals.


Video below:

In the comment section on the video one person who is allegedly a medical representative wrote:

I’ll tell you this I’m a medical rep and I’ve been into one of the largest epicenters for disease control and quarantine the world sends their sickest patients in the hospital I’ve gone into all four times is a ghost town. I maybe saw 4 patients walking on two different floors. Wish I could show you some pictures on here of lights that were completely off down hallways and main hallways completely bare of anyone

Lisa Boothe a Fox News contributor also questioned how many deaths are really being caused by COVID-19 and whether hospitals are really full.

Video below:

Also, the mainstream media was caught using footage from an Italian hospital in a segment on New York.
“CBS News painted a dire picture from New York City this week in their coronavirus coverage. On Wednesday morning CBS aired this footage from a New York hospital,” Hoft reported.

This video is where the original hospital footage was aired via Sky News back on March, 22nd.

PolitiFact ruled that the news of empty hospital are fake.
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