U.S. Preparing Europe For Pre-Emptive Nuclear Attack On Russia (Video)

The Democrats tried to accuse President Trump of connection with Russia during 2016 presidential elections but it seems their attacks on Russia and our President could lead us to something far worst!

Today the second most powerful man in Russia decided to launch an attack on our foreign policy!

The US military is preparing the armed forces of the European countries for the use of tactical nukes against Russia, Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, said on Wednesday. He added that the presence of American non-strategic nuclear weapons in Europe is a major stumbling block in the path of disarmament.

“No one can say how serious the threat really is” from the US actions, Buzhinsky, the Chairman of the Executive Board of the PIR-Center, said. However, he pointed out that “the military people are getting ready. The Russian military is preparing and the American military does the same. And it’s for the politicians to warn the public that such preparations are being made.”


Newsweek.com reports: Russia is persistently critical of the U.S. effort to install an anti-missile shield in Europe, arguing that its elements being stationed in Eastern Europe are an offensive move against Moscow.

Later at the same conference, Russian Lieutenant General Viktor Poznikhir, first deputy chief of the General Staff’s Main Operational Department, said computer simulations showed the European leg of the U.S.’s global missile shield was aimed at Russia and China, presenting a serious threat to Moscow’s national security. He also said such sprawling weapons systems could be seen as a shield to allow the U.S. to launch an unexpected nuclear attack against Russia.

“The presence of U.S. missile defense bases in Europe, missile defense vessels in seas and oceans close to Russia creates a powerful covert strike component for conducting a sudden nuclear missile strike against the Russian Federation,” Poznikhir said, according to Russia’s state-run Sputnik News.
Meanwhile, the U.S. has also is thought to have retained around 20 nuclear warheads at a military base in Buechel, in western Germany, although the U.S. government consistently refuses to comment on the issue, Reuters has reported.

The U.S. has itself accused Russia of turning its back on arms control agreements, such as designing a missile that could undermine a marquee Cold War-era treaty to remove nuclear-capable intermediate-range missiles from Europe.

Alex Hall

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