Ukraine: Transgender Woman Weeps As Authorities Classify Them As ‘Men’ Who Must Stay Behind And Fight

Transgender women in Ukraine say they are “completely trapped” and “frightened for their life” since their passports list them as “guys” rather than “women.”

Because all of their identification cards say “male” and reference their “previous masculine names,” two Ukrainian trans women claim they can’t leave the country or even safely travel through it.

Human rights organizations have encouraged some trans persons to “forget their ID” in order to leave Ukraine. According to trans activists, “hundreds” of trans individuals in Ukraine are in “severe danger” and feel “totally alone” as a result of this situation.

One trans woman expressed her fear of being caught while attempting to leave Ukraine and being compelled to join the Ukrainian army “as a male” – especially because authorities are preventing men between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving.

Another trans lady in Ukraine is afraid to leave her home for fear of being attacked by transphobes. In her neighborhood, she’s the only one remaining.


One trans man has just a “female” ID despite having transitioned over six years ago and living as a man in Ukraine since then.

He told VICE World News about his apprehensions about leaving his home and attempting to cross Ukraine. Screaming and explosions could be heard outside his apartment during a phone call, but he refused to leave because of his ID problem.

A non-binary Ukrainian expressed concerns about leaving Ukraine and traveling to “places like Poland or Hungary,” where their identity would be “ridiculed” and ignored. “I have to choose between my own nation, which I know how to traverse, and a completely alien area, where I can feel even more isolated and in danger,” they continued.

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