United Airlines Donating Flights to Reunite Illegal Immigrants-Boycott Them Now!

Illegal immigration is a clear and present danger not just to America, but to the whole world.

It’s the separation of children from their parents that the lefties are in an uproar about even though it was also happening under Obama at pretty much the same levels. Democrats basically invited people to assault our border and then got them arrested for the crime!

United Airlines is donating flights to reunite families who were separated at the border after being caught trying to enter the U.S. illegally.

“A growing community of support is coming together to reunite families who were separated at the border,” the group posted Wednesday. “We are so thankful and happy to announce that United Airlines is jumping in and helping. Thanks to this partnership with United, we are able to provide travel to the recently reunited immigrant families to get to their next destination with dignity.”

United added a comment on the Facebook post, reading, “Our company’s shared purpose is to connect people and unite the world — we are proud to support your work to help reunify immigrant children and families.”

For its part, United shared a statement with the San Francisco Business Times Thursday.

“United Airlines is proud to support the work of as they help to reunify immigrant children with their families. United is in a unique position to provide badly needed support that few can provide to help reunify these families, and we take pride in doing our part to connect people and unite the world,” United said.

Illegals are again treated better than citizens!!

Makes you wonder just how these illegal aliens are getting through TSA screening. Many of them don’t have any documentation to prove whom they are, so I am guessing that TSA is just giving them a free pass through screening while the rest of us get groped.

Also makes me wonder how long it will be till some terrorist who crosses the border illegally uses united airlines to fly free and bypass TSA screening?

This is offensive and United Airlines should have paid more attention to what they are doing. I wonder how much LEGAL immigration and/or citizens have EVER gotten free flights during times of emergency of a family death, heartbreak. They don’t even give discounts for last minute tickets needed to be purchased for loved ones to reach a dying family member. Last minute tickets are expensive and many people cannot afford to fly, but they scrape up the money in times of emergency or they cannot go. I think this is a very bad option they chose.

Memo to management: In America, we get to decide where we spend our hard-earned dollars.

NFL, NBA, Hollywood, United Airlines… Bye, Bye!!

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Michelle M.

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