US Steel Restarts Illinois Plant And Calls Back 500 Employees After Trump Announces Tariffs on Foreign Steel!

The United States Steel Corporation announced on Wednesday that it plans to reopen part of a plant in Illinois after President Trump announced a new tariff on imported steel.

They’re restarting one of two blast furnaces at the steelmaking facilities at its Granite City Works.

“Our Granite City Works facility and employees, as well as the surrounding community, have suffered too long from the unending waves of unfairly traded steel products that have flooded U.S. markets,” writes U. S. Steel President and Chief Executive Officer David B. Burritt in a statement.

We’ve worked closely and cooperatively with leadership of the United Steelworkers to develop a plan that will help us work through the restart process in the safest, most efficient manner possible while enabling longer-term collaboration designed to improve the plant’s competitiveness,” Burritt said.

Company leaders praised President Trump for his decision to increase competition among different companies, adding that steel imports threaten this country’s economic and national security.

The Granite City plant idled its blast furnaces and its steel-making facilities in December 2015 and idled its hot strip mill in January 2016 because of a sluggish market.

The plant re-opened its steel-making facilities on the heels of Trump’s announcement, asking the 500 employees to work in the previously shuttered steel-making facilities as soon as this month. It could take up to four months before the company can restart the blast furnaces entirely.

This is just another example of more winning!

Alex Hall

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