VA hospital Removes Portrait Of President Trump (VIDEO)

When Republican congressman and Army veteran Brian Mast saw that a Florida VA hospital didn’t have photographs of President Trump and Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin hanging in the lobby, he took action.

The group met at West Palm Beach VA Medical Center and decided to put up the photographs themselves. Within hours, President Trump’s photograph was taken down.

Fox News explains the situation:

Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., helped hang unofficial portraits of the new administration in a VA medical center in his West Palm Beach district, only to see them promptly taken down.

“I insisted that I would like to see them hung,” Mast told Fox News in an email. “The information desk called for a maintenance person who was seen helping me hang it.”

Mast’s portraits of Trump and VA Secretary David Shulkin were placeholders – the federal General Services Administration’s publishing office has not said when the official portraits will go out. Mast, a U.S. Army veteran who lost both legs to an IED in Afghanistan, felt strongly that the frames already emptied of portraits of President Obama and former VA Secretary Robert McDonald should be occupied immediately and brought his own photos of Trump and Shulkin.

Mast told Fox News that he has heard from constituents annoyed that an official Trump portrait was not hanging at the same medical center where he receives treatment. Mast said when he raised the issue, he was told by unidentified bureaucrats something to the effect of “Trump is not our president.”

Mast said he called ahead on Tuesday to announce his intentions, only to be told to “leave the portraits at the front desk instead of hanging them,” he said. But after he left, he learned the portraits had been immediately taken down.

“I left and the leadership had the portraits removed,” Mast said.

From Gruntworks:

Veterans of South Florida unite with Congressman Brian Mast in order to ensure The President’s picture is on display at our local VA Hospital.

Regardless of your personal opinions or political affiliations, there are rules in Federal buildings that must be followed and today we made sure they were upheld.

We need to know who’s the Leadership in this location and we need to expose them to the public in general. Also, recommend a call to the VA Secretary to investigate this disrespect to our POTUS.

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