Video: Alleged BLM Activist Arrested For Arson — Was Caught on Highway Live-Streaming on Facebook Before Arrest

Andy Ngo who closely follows Antifa and BLM in the last few years this morning tweeted:

Be careful of rumors that political groups are involved in starting wildfires. People have spread claims on social media that aren’t supported by evidence. Wildfires are not Antifa’s MO. Instead, they target businesses, police & government property.

But even he seems to be wrong this time.

Maybe in Portland police officers don’t have proof about Antifa or BLM members starting fires but in Washington, there was an alleged Antifa member who was arrested for arson.

According to Q13FOX — The Sumner Grade Fire in Sumner and Bonney Lake has burned more than 800 acres and was 20 percent contained as of Thursday morning.

Puyallup police and state troopers arrested a 36-year-old Puyallup man Wednesday for allegedly starting a large brushfire which temporarily shut down state Route 167 and several ramps near Meridian Avenue.


A man with the exact same name as the one police arrested recorded a Facebook live of that fire saying he reported it to first responders.

Puyallup police told us that they were made aware of the Facebook live — which showed his interaction with officers — after the arrest.
Jeff Acord was seen with a lighter in his hand walking on the highway earlier in the day in Sumner.

Jeff Demologik Acord posted this on Facebook Live.
He told his viewers he just rolled up on the fire on the highway.
Video below:

Some local media reported about this even but, not one media reported about the fact that the man who was arrested was an alleged Antifa/BLM activist.

Back in 2014 Seattle Officers reported that Jeff Acord had a 7-inch knife in his backpack, a box of ammunition, an assault rifle, a shotgun, and a box full of large fireworks in his car when he was arrested at a BLM protest.

Items found on Jeffrey Allan Acord during Seattle Protest in 2014
Photos below:

You can see below the charges that he was found guilty of from this incident.

Jeff Acord also filmed a Bernie rally and posted it on Facebook.
Mr. Acrod’s continued involvement in Social Justice and Antifa/BLM ideology is apparent from social media posts.

Video from Jeffrey as he speaks at a BLM march:

So all in all, JEFFREY ALAN ACORD has 37 Court Cases according to The Washington State Online Case Search – In addition to his 2020-09-10 Arrest Today, ACORD has 4 other 2020 Arrests: 2020-07-27 in Pierce County, 2020-05-05 in Pierce County, 2020-05-04 in Puyallup Municipal, and 2020-03-20 in Puyallup Municipal.

Unfortunately, The Washington Courts Search does not allow you to get details of each case, just Defendant Name, Case Number, Court, and Court Date.

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