Video: Angry Dad Shows How to Get Through Pro-Hamas Protesters Blocking the Street

he anti-Israel crew was causing trouble in New York again, this time by blocking some vital entry ways into New York City: the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, as well as the Holland Tunnel and the Williamsburg Bridge. If you’re familiar with New York you know that there are thousands of people going through those arteries on any normal workday. If they wanted to do something and make people turn away from their “cause,” they almost couldn’t pick anything that will tick off people more than something like that.

A father frustrated with being stuck in traffic behind a line of communist Hamas supporters blocking the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City Monday morning got out of his car and shoved several protesters out of the way, according to video posted online.

The dad, a Black man who looks to be in his thirties, wore a Brooklyn Nets hoodie and was driving a car with New Jersey plates. A small American flag could be seen in his car behind the driver’s seat. He told the protesters to not block his car, telling them, “I have a daughter in Brooklyn!”

The protesters relented, but only after he got out of his car and started angrily shoving them away, and then got back in his car and started driving slowly toward them as he yelled through his open window, “Get out of the way! I have to go home!”

A small gap was opened up and he was allowed to proceed onto the bridge. Apparently this took place soon after the blockade started as no police are visible in the video.


Video below:

New York police will probably track down the man and arrest him for assault while doing nothing about the people holding people hostage in the cars. It was back in November when an elderly American shot a protester blocking the road in Panama — we’re surprised they aren’t run over more often. See how dedicated they are to their cause.

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