Video: Angry Transgender Drives Through A Conservative Parade Sending Cops And People Running – Ignored By The MSM

Saturday’s Freedom Rings Parade ended with a frightening bang.

The event was disrupted by a driver who pulled onto Fort Howard Road from Lockner Driver at Lost Plantation and headed one mile in the opposite direction of the parade route at a high rate of speed. The driver zig-zagged through parade entries, barely missed young spectators who gathered along the edge of the road to collect candy.

Two Rincon Police Department vehicles at the front of the parade quickly pursued the fleeing driver, which steered a Jeep Grand Cherokee through Rincon Fire Department trucks that tried to block her path.

The pursuit ended when Officer Ian Gallagher, heading in the same direction as the parade, hit the Grand Cherokee head-on with his vehicle near Rincon Elementary School at Market Street. Gallagher, a member of the K-9 unit, was taken to a nearby hospital. His dog Razor was unharmed.

The driver Antony Rodriguez was taken to the Effingham County Jail.


According to police, it happened just after 10:20 a.m. Police say Rodriguez purposely drove around a manned barricade and headed straight toward pedestrians on the parade route.

“They started heading to the ditches and I saw horns flying and the guys running and people started yelling,” said parade organizer Susie Davis.

9-year-old Aubree Banks captured the chilling moments on camera.

“The officers kept trying to stop her, but she wouldn’t try to stop. It was just very, very, very weird. It made me feel really scared because I didn’t think that I was going to see this. I just thought it was a normal day, me going to the parade,” said attendee Aubree Banks

Two officers attempted to stop the vehicle and that’s when police say Rodriguez continued around them, narrowly missing bystanders.

Video below:

GSP is working the accident and Rodriguez was taken to the Effingham County Jail. Police say Rodriguez will likely face numerous charges of aggravated assault. Investigators have not determined a motive yet.

And parade leaders are praising the first responders’ actions for preventing a much larger tragedy.

“You always think it won’t ever happen where you are and I’m disappointed that it happened in Rincon. They’re the ones that leapt into action when this happened. I just couldn’t be more proud of them and I couldn’t feel safer because of the first responders that we have here,” said Davis.

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