Video Appears To Show A Large Group Of Black Teens As They Beat The Snot Out Of Two White Teenagers – No Media Outrage


Antifa and every other radical group that promotes violence are terrible and they should pay for their crimes. But they use kids as tools that are being used and disposed of – which is sad. Most of them are just disenfranchised, angry kids.

One video yesterday that surfaced today shows that the racial tensions seem to be increased after the huge outrage that was promoted mainly by the mainstream media who failed to condemn the violence and the looting during the riots.

Recent violence in Ocean City, Maryland, is raising concerns from local officials who are just starting off the tourist season.

A cellphone video taken Tuesday night captured a fight on the boardwalk.


The video appears to show a large group of black teens on the boardwalk, and a brawl breaks. One white kid appears to get hit, and fall motionless to the ground.

The crowd moves around before what appears to be another fight where another white teen is beaten.

Video below:


From Fox Baltimore:
Police said they are “actively investigating the incidents that took place last night. In addition, we are holding a special meeting today at 1 p.m. to discuss the violence and examine every possibility to prevent this from happening moving forward.”

Mayor Rick Meehan said in a statement: “The past few days have been extremely difficult for our community and our police department. The safety of our residents and visitors remains our number one priority. We are equally horrified by the actions displayed on social media videos depicting violence and unruly crowds. This behavior has no place in Ocean City and violence like this will not be tolerated. The Town and the OCPD are working immediately on addressing this disturbing behavior.”

We’re supposed to believe it’s white supremacists causing all the disruption. Media members, content to blame nationwide rioting and looting on President Donald Trump, forwarded false stories that white nationalists are being fingered as the culprits behind the majority of the crimes we saw lately.

There’s a number of protesters who think the violence is justified, so they won’t condemn it. They’ll either give silent approval or flat out make excuses. And they bring shame to their message — one that George Floyd’s family said he wouldn’t support. But they won’t listen to that.

This video is a clear example of what our country has become because of the corrupt politicians and mainstream media.
Not one mainstream media condemned the attack!

Natalie D.

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