VIDEO: Armed Robber Attacks A Clerk Who Is A Military Veteran – It Didn’t End Well

A clerk who used to serve in the military fatally shot one of two armed robbery suspects who had entered a Bay Point convenience store, pistol-whipped him, and stole money from the register.

Mark Kasprowicz, who served in the USAF in the 1980s, was working at Kam’s Market when two suspects entered the store and demanded the contents of the register, with one bandit flanking around the back of the store and holding the manager at gunpoint.

Video of the robbery shows one of the suspects jump over the counter, and pistol whip Kasprowicz, forcing him to the ground. While that suspect emptied the register, the other assailant went to the back of the store and held the manager up at gunpoint.

As the first robber empties the register, Kasprowicz can be seen reaching for a side drawer next to the register, where he pulls out a handgun. As he does, the masked gunman behind the counter strikes the cashier again before sprinting out of the store, his accomplice in tow.

During the encounter, Kasprowicz fired a single shot that hit one of the suspects.


“I got hit three times,” he said in an interview. “I fired one shot.”

Kamal Sandhu, who owns the store, said that the armed attacker left Kasprowicz with no choice but to protect himself, The Mercury News reported.

“It was kind of a last-chance thing, like a him-or-me thing,” Sandhu explained. “I think the suspect got scared and he yelled to the other guy, ‘He’s got a gun.’ When they tried to run, Kasprowicz shot. He didn’t miss.”

You can watch security footage of the military veteran’s encounter with the armed robber in the video below:

Kasprowicz was taken to the hospital after the incident, where doctors needed 12 staples to close the wound on his head.

“Instinct just kicked in,” explained 56-year-old Mark Kasprowicz, adding that he served in the Air Force in the 1980s. “Fear and adrenaline kicked in together. I’m lucky to be alive.”

Kasprowicz’s family is on edge, but just glad he survived and that his coworker is unharmed.

Natalie D.

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