Video: Arsenio Hall Has His Show Interrupted By A Gay Rights Protester – Doesn’t Go So Well For The Protester

In 1991, late-night talk show host Arsenio Hall got into a heated exchange with gay rights activists from Queer Nation after they disrupted his show. The protesters were angry at Hall for not featuring gay guests on The Arsenio Hall Show.

In the world of late-night television, unexpected moments can arise, challenging hosts to navigate uncharted waters with finesse. Such was the case in 1991 when Arsenio Hall, renowned for his groundbreaking talk show, faced an interruption that showcased both his wit and ability to handle sensitive issues.

During one of his shows in 1991, Arsenio Hall found himself confronted by a Gay Rights protester, a moment that could have derailed the show but instead highlighted Hall’s professionalism and composure.

As the interruption unfolded, Hall demonstrated a remarkable blend of humor and respect. Rather than dismissing the protester outright, he seized the opportunity to engage in a thoughtful dialogue. Hall’s adept handling of the situation not only defused tension but also allowed for a meaningful exchange of perspectives.

The protesters were left without words after he finished talking!
“You think I haven’t had somebody on my show because they’re gay? What’s wrong with you, man?” Hall yelled at a protester. “The one thing that I would not do is discriminate against a guest because of their sexual preference. To be honest with you, there are a lot of gay guests on this show, but it ain’t none of your damn business that they’re gay.”


Video below:

Two years ago, Hall gave an interview with the Logo cable network, explaining why the protests bothered him so much. “It’s because I knew who I was. I knew a lot of my friends didn’t come to my defense when everyone was in the closet,” Hall says. “I can give you 20 guests on my show in a month [who were gay], but they weren’t talking about it. Luther Vandross ain’t talking about it. He can’t at that time. Louie Anderson can’t then. Ellen can’t then. Rosie can’t then.”

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