Video: As Biden Welcomes Tampa Bay Buccaneers To The White House Tom Brady Takes The Podium And Trolls Sleepy Joe About The 2020 Election

This morning Biden was slated to welcome the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the White House to honor the team for winning the Super Bowl.

The event started at 11:15 a.m. EDT and since Biden was the one who did the talking it was an event full of gaffes!

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave a jersey with the number 46 to Biden he was looking confused and he even said the quiet part out loud:

“Ok, what are we doing now?”

Video below:


Tom Brady was also in attendance.

For Brady, this marks his first celebratory trip to the White House since 2005, when he won his third Super Bowl with the Patriots.

And it was a huge show.

During his speech Brady decided to scold Biden about the last Presidential elections and said: “Not a lot of people think we could have won — in fact, about 40 percent still don’t think we won. You understand that, Mr. President?”

Biden: “I understand that.”

He also took aim at the “Sleepy Joe” remarks!

Video below:

With team White House visits growing into a point of controversy during the Trump presidency, the Patriots never did make a visit to Washington after Brady won his sixth Super Bowl in 2019.

The mainstream media tried to portrait Tom Brady as Trump’s enemy but the reality shows that wasn’t real news:

Tom Brady explained his relationship with Donald Trump during his interview with Howard Stern:

It became a big deal when reporters noticed a “Make America Great Again” hat in Brady’s locker after Trump was running for office. That and Brady’s well-known friendship with Trump led to an awkward spot in which Brady was being asked political questions he clearly didn’t want to answer.

Brady said he met Trump in 2001 and the friendship evolved as Brady’s football career took off.

“He would call me after games, ‘I watched your game Tom, let’s play golf together,’ ” Brady told Stern. “So 2003, 2004, that’s kind of the way it was. He would come up to our games and stand on the sideline and cheer for the Patriots. He had a way of connecting with people, and still does. But the whole political aspect came, and I got brought into a lot of those things because it was so polarizing around the election time. It was uncomfortable to me. You can’t undo things — not that I would undo a friendship — but the political support is totally different than the support of a friend.”

Brady said he felt getting involved in the political realm could have affected his job of being the quarterback to teammates who might not have been voting for Trump.

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