Video: Black Trump Supporter Is Kicked Off Southwest Air Flight For Pulling His TRUMP Mask Down To Eat Peanuts

We all remember when Southwest Airlines pulled a Texas family off a flight when the youngest member, a three-year-old with autism, refused to wear a mask on a flight within the state.

Well, they did it again!

Video shows another passenger with a ‘Black Voices For Trump‘ cap being asked to get off the aircraft for allegedly having his required COVID-19 face mask temporarily down.

Never mind that the man in the video was eating peanuts at the time his mask was down, or the fact that he was wearing a ‘Black Voices for Trump’ cap and a Trump face mask. The latter half of the information above appears to be the suspected reason for asking the man to leave the flight.

The person filming the incident before the flight had taken off asked the flight attendant repeatedly what the airline regulations were for eating on a flight. She specifically asked if there was a rule against pulling the mask down to eat. The flight attendant didn’t appear to want to answer the passengers’ questions in the video.


Some people in the video speculated it wasn’t about the food but about the passengers’ open support for President Trump that led to the incident.

Videos below:

Why the gentleman was forced off the flight when almost everyone flying during these COVID-19 restrictions can lower their masks to eat.

Alex Hall

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