Video: Brawl Breaks Out On Spirit Airlines Flight Where Three Black Women Attack Someone, Elbowing “Big” Ex-Navy Man Out Of The Way

Three black women got into a brawl with a so far unknown person.

Mobile phone footage of the incident was uploaded to social media sites and in the videos, three female passengers can be seen attacking an unknown person while elbowing a big ex-navy guy out of the way.

Video below:

The guy that the woman elbowed is an ex-navy and his wife took to Twitter to explain that this behavior belongs to the zoo.

She wrote:


do i have to say it?
“what difference at this point does it make?”
i’ll say it.
we are living in an open zoo.
these people need to fly out of wuhan with a plane full of provincial women.
those girls are pushy.
elbowed my husband (ex navy, big guy) out of the way to be first off.

People confirmed that the fight was on Spirit Airlines:

The question remains, where is the Air-Marshall?

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Alex Hall

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